About 340B Report

340B Report is the only subscription-based news service that provides breaking news and analysis about the federal 340B Drug Pricing Program. We follow all 340B program developments big and small—in federal government agencies, Congress, courts, the states, associations, the private sector, academia, and more. If your success rides on staying on top of 340B, 340B Report has you covered.

The 340B Report Difference

  • 340B Report is timely. We report and analyze news about 340B as it happens and alert you in real time.

  • 340B Report is independent. Some publications that cover 340B are for trade association members or business clients only. 340B Report has no affiliation and reports without spin. Anyone can subscribe.

  • 340B Report is digestible. We collect intelligence from an array of sources and weave it into a concise briefing for subscribers. We provide original reporting, analysis, and curated links about 340B.

  • 340B Report is authoritative. We have a combined six decades of experience in journalism and with the 340B program. That background informs our reporting and analysis in a way unmatched by others.

  • 340B Report is focused. Some publications cover 340B ad hoc or among a host of topics. 340B Report concentrates on 340B.

How it works

Click the blue “Sign up now” button to start your free subscription to 340B Report. You will get full access to the 340B Report email newsletter and website. Every new edition of 340B Report goes directly to your inbox. Back issues are archived on our website. 340B Report will be free for a limited time. We plan to begin charging for subscriptions in the coming weeks. Stay tuned for details.

Who we are

Long time healthcare leader and journalist Ted Slafsky is Publisher and CEO of 340B Report. Mr. Slafsky, the Founder and Principal of Wexford Solutions LLC, has close to three decades of experience in 340B and journalism. Mr. Slafsky, who began his career as a reporter at U.S News and World Report, served in senior leadership at 340B Health for 22 years, a Washington D.C.-based association of hospitals in the 340B program. During his time as President and CEO of 340B Health, Mr. Slafsky helped conceive and oversaw the widely-read blog 340B Informed and the must-read member-only electronic news service—The Bulletin. He was the Co-Founder and Editor-in-Chief of the Drug Discount Monitor.

Veteran Washington, D.C., based journalist Tom Mirga is Editor of 340B Report. Mr. Mirga previously served as Editorial Director at 340B Health. While at 340B Health, Mr. Mirga was lead editor and writer for the association’s blog, 340B Informed; its members-only electronic news service, The Bulletin; and the Drug Discount Monitor. Mr. Mirga previously served as Executive Editor for a policy think tank in Washington, D.C, and as News Editor of the trade newspaper Education Week.

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